A Conservative Record In Blue New Jersey



"New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has one of the most impressive records from a conservative standpoint, and it's a record that deserves more attention from primary voters. ... When looking at the nine current and former governors running for president, Gov. Christie's ability to rein in the growth of government stands out amongst his peers."


- Patrick Gleason, Americans For Tax Reform, "The Conservative Case For Christie," Forbes, 8/17/15


Governor Chris Christie Has Brought Unprecedented Conservative Reform To One Of The Bluest States In America:




Protecting The Rights Of Gun Owners


Chris Christie will not allow political agendas to further restrict the rights of law-abiding gun owners, and as Governor of New Jersey he has fought to defend gun rights.





Protecting The Rights Of The Unborn


As both a candidate and as Governor in one of the most heavily-Democratic states in the nation, Governor Christie has stood by his principles and strongly defended the rights of the unborn.

  • Governor Christie has also called on the federal government to defund Planned Parenthood and called for a Justice Department investigation into the organization.



The Christie Economic Record


"Gov. Christie's record of protecting taxpayers, even with a hostile legislature, is well established...New Jersey taxpayers have been fortunate to have Christie standing between them and a legislature that wants to hike their already exorbitant tax burden. While Christie's leadership led to more conservative outcomes in his state, other governors with more favorable political landscapes have done less."


- Patrick Gleason, Americans For Tax Reform


Governor Christie has taken aggressive action to promote economic growth and put New Jerseyans back to work.








Bringing Fiscal Sanity To New Jersey


"Gov. Christie's ability to rein in the growth of government stands out amongst his peers...Gov. Christie has kept state spending below the rate of inflation, vetoed new tax increases, took the first step to reform the state's pension system and enacted a historical property tax reform that for the first time in decades will finally slow the growth of the highest property taxes in the nation... And he did this with strong Democratic majorities in the legislature."


- Patrick Gleason, Americans For Tax Reform


After decades of gross mismanagement and shortsighted budgeting practices, Governor Christie came into office and acted decisively to bring the State’s budget back into balance and struck a path of responsibility and reform.





Holding Discretionary Spending Below 2008 Levels: Governor Christie has reinforced his commitment never to return to the reckless spending and fiscal irresponsibility in Trenton that brought New Jersey to the brink of catastrophe, by holding Fiscal Year 2016 discretionary spending $2.3 billion below Fiscal Year 2008 levels.


Six Years With No New Taxes: In the eight years before Governor Christie took office, taxes and fees had been increased 115 times making New Jersey the most heavily taxed state in the nation and placing an undue burden on residents and job-creators alike. Since then, Governor Christie has signed six consecutive balanced budgets without raising taxes once, and repeatedly vetoing tax increases passed by the legislature.


Vetoed More Tax Hikes Than Any Other Governor In Modern American History. Grover Norquist: "Governor Chris Christie has vetoed more tax hikes than any other governor in modern American history...And he made those vetoes stick. Without the Christie governorship, New Jersey would be somewhere between Detroit and Greece."


Nearly 400 Bills Vetoed: Since taking office, Governor Christie has vetoed more legislation passed by the Democrat-controlled legislature than any governor in state history. And not a single veto has been overturned. Americans for Tax Reform: "Christie's record is unparalleled among 2016 contenders when it comes to killing bad bills."


9,400 Fewer State Government Employees: Governor Christie's responsible management has resulted in a more efficient and streamlined State government. There are more than 9,400 fewer State government employees than when the Governor took office.


Sweeping Pension And Benefits Reform: Governor Christie signed into law landmark pension and health benefit reform in June 2011, marking months of hard work, negotiation, compromise and ultimately bipartisan support. While Governor Christie made clear that more work was needed, critical savings were achieved – over $120 billion in savings for New Jersey taxpayers.


More Pension Contributions Than Any Governor In History: Through FY ‘16, Governor Christie will have contributed more to the pension system than any other governor in New Jersey state history – nearly $4.2 billion, compared to the $3.4 billion in contributions made by all previous governors from 1995 through 2010.


2 Percent Property Tax Cap: Governor Christie signed a two percent hard cap on property taxes, cutting out loopholes and putting control back in the hands of property taxpayers. The Result: Property taxes are rising at their slowest pace "in more than two decades" in a "hard-fought milestone for one of the highest-taxed states in America."


Interest Arbitration Reform: Governor Christie signed into law interest arbitration reform that provides municipalities with the help they need to keep property taxes down. The reform provides a meaningful cap of two percent on arbitration awards to union employees, reining in the cost of government.





Changing The Conversation On Addiction


Chris Christie Has Consistently Called For Changing The Conversation On Drug Addiction, And Enacted Sweeping Reforms To Emphasize Treatment





Keeping America Safe As US Attorney


"The U.S. attorney for New Jersey, Christopher Christie ... stands out as of one of the most active and successful of [outgoing federal prosecutors] ... Several lawyers' groups and The Star-Ledger editorial page said he lacked the experience to be a good federal prosecutor. All of us were wrong."


- Editorial, "An Impressive Record," The Star-Ledger, 11/17/08


Over seven years as U.S. Attorney, Chris Christie prosecuted several of the first major anti-terrorism cases post-9/11 while working to prevent future attacks.





Chris Christie Initiated A Restructuring Of The US Attorney's Office To Place More Emphasis And Resources On Pursuing Anti-Terrorism Cases. "The U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of New Jersey, which prosecutes cases and coordinates investigations with the FBI, also is refocusing its efforts to reflect a new top priority of preventing terrorism. Changes unveiled last week by U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie included establishing a terrorism unit to be staffed by as many as eight prosecutors." (The Star Ledger, 5/30/02)



"Christie also deserves credit for reorganizing the U.S. attorney's staff into the well-oiled machine that accomplished so much in the six years he was at the helm." (Editorial, "An Impressive Record," The Star-Ledger, 11/17/08)


Prosecuting Post-9/11 Terror Cases:


The Hemant Lakhani Case: Hemant Lakhani made it clear he was willing to broker the sale of shoulder-fired missiles to shoot down American passenger jets. The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force infiltrated the operation and, after a lengthy trial led by Christie’s office, Lakhani was convicted of attempted material support to terrorists.


The Fort Dix Plot: In 2007, Christie and FBI Special Agent in Charge J.P. Weis announced the arrests of six local Islamic men for their alleged plot to kill U.S. soldiers at various installations, including the Fort Dix Army base. The prosecution of the six men accused was uncovered through sixteen months of hard work from the Joint Terrorism Task Force and U.S. Attorney’s Office.


The Daniel Pearl Case: Wall Street Journal Bureau Chief Daniel Pearl was kidnapped in 2002, by Islamic radicals in Pakistan and beheaded on videotape. Through a creative venue approach, Christie’s office secured the indictment of Ahmad Omar Saeed Sheikh, the lead perpetrator of the kidnapping. As a result of exceptional international law enforcement and intelligence community cooperation, Omar Sheikh was arrested shortly after the murder and sentenced to death.


Operation Arabian Knight: In an investigation started four years earlier by the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office, Carlos Eduardo Almonte and Mohamed Mahmood Alessa were arrested in 2010 at JFK International Airport while attempting to board flights to Egypt. Almonte and Alessa had intended to travel to Somalia to join al Shabaab, an Al Qaeda-linked militant Islamic organization. The two were charged with conspiring to kill, maim and kidnap people outside the United States.


Christie’s office secured authorization for physical surveillance through the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. For the next three years, Almonte and Alessa were tailed and photographed, their phones were tapped and their computer activity was monitored.