Christie is tough enough to lead in a post-9/11 world

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Tom Colantuono, New Hampshire Union Leader
February 04, 2016

Tom Colantuono
New Hampshire Union Leader

As New Hampshire primary voters, we have the opportunity to see the presidential candidates as they campaign in our communities. If the candidates spend enough time here, we may have a chance to meet them and talk with them for a few moments to decide which one we want to support. My support this year is based on a much deeper relationship — I actually worked with one of the candidates and got to know him personally, which made my decision clear.

I served as New Hampshire’s U.S. Attorney when Chris Christie served in that role in New Jersey. We represented the Department of Justice as the chief federal law enforcement officers in our states. I saw firsthand Chris Christie’s strength, courage and intelligence, but that is not the only reason I have endorsed him for President.

In the months that followed, we were directed by President Bush to use the full resources of the federal government to protect the homeland from future attacks. Chris Christie led the prosecution of five radical Islamic terrorists who were plotting an attack against the Fort Dix military base in his state. Three of the terrorists were in the United States as illegal aliens. In the evidence collected against them, the jihadists discussed their hatred of America and their plot to acquire rocket propelled grenades to kill as many soldiers as possible. Working with the FBI, the intelligence community, and local law enforcement agencies, Christie successfully led one of the largest anti-terrorism prosecutions in the aftermath of Sept. 11.

Gov. Christie understands the threats posed by radical Islamic terrorism and illegal immigration. Gov. Christie will be a law-and-order President, something we are sorely lacking in the Oval Office. We need a President who supports our police officers and appreciates our military for the sacrifices they make to keep our families safe. And we need a President who understands that justice is our way of life because justice ensures all Americans play by the same rules.

Every time I visit New York City, I stop by the September 11th Memorial to see my cousin’s name etched in the granite by the reflecting pool. It reminds me in these dangerous times that keeping America safe is the solemn responsibility of the President. Gov. Christie is the one I trust to keep us safe, and he is the only tough and tested executive in this election up to the challenge.

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