ICYMI - Sioux City Journal: Christie in Sioux City says Iowans should not make caucus pick as expression of anger

February 01, 2016


Christie in Sioux City says Iowans should not make caucus pick as expression of anger
Bret Hayworth
Sioux City Journal

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie on Sunday traded off sharing his policy stances with barbs at front-runner Donald Trump during his final appeal to Siouxland voters one day before the Iowa caucuses.

"It is almost impossible for me to believe that Iowans -- Iowans -- are going to give the state to Donald Trump," Christie said to 120 people at Morningside College in Sioux City during a 70-minute morning event.

In his closing remarks, which many people said they enjoyed, Christie said Iowans should caucus for the candidate who will best serve to aid military members coming back from conflicts. He said that sober reality demands a president with the mature temperament to help people, so voters should not be acting on "an expression of anger."

"We are not electing an Entertainer in Chief, we are electing a Commander in Chief...This is serious business, everybody. Showtime is over, OK, showtime is over. Everybody loves a show, everybody loves a show. Showtime is over, it is game time," Christie said.

Suzan Stewart, of Sioux City, said Christie ably demonstrated his grasp of policy details.

"I enjoy every time I listen to him," Stewart said.

Stewart questioned him on a state policy detail, which led to her saying New Jersey has little sunshine to tap for solar energy.

Christie quickly responded with an apparent nod to his reputation as having a sometimes prickly side, gesturing to the crowd, "You are looking at New Jersey's sunshine, come on!"

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